These are our Mark II version of the original fiberglass Wood Grain spears.  These are an improved version of our original design offering a higher quality product that is lightweight, very durable, and simply looks a whole lot better.  While we were happy with our original Wood Grain spears we wanted something, well, better.  The visual impact of our original Wood Grain spears was a great improvement over the sad solid colored spears of old.  After looking at them with a critical eye I just felt that they were too dark and looked like a brown shaft from 10 feet away.  So I went back to the drawing board and began working with a new manufacturer on a lighter colored, more wood grain looking veil for our spears.  I could not be happier with what we have come up with!  Now we had to look at weight.  It seems about 1 in 10 S.C.A. fighters wanted our super thick and heavy spears while the rest went with the thinner, lighter, versions.  Our old light spears were not much thicker than the Society standard of 3.2mm.  So I decided to stick with a lighter weight but something more beefy than the minimums. 

Our new spears are 3.57mm thick and 8' 10" long.  We recommend attaching your spear tip (like our complete spear tip kit, only $20) first, then measure the length from the tip back, and cut your spear to the length you want.  Since spear tips must have 3" of padding this will leave you at least 1" of extra length that you must cut off.  To make it even more simple you can also order our complete spear tip kits to go with your new spear.  Just tape it on and go!

We now offer a flat shipping rate (Contiguous United States) on all spear orders in quantities up to seven spears.   We are working with a local company and taking advantage of their shipping rates and huge volume.  This now allows us to ship your spears at the lowest possible rate.  The first spear costs $18.00 to ship with each additional spear adding only $4.00 per spear!  To order simply use the drop down "Buy it Now" button above the spear information below.


come pre-cut to 8' 10" so that you can add your thrusting tips (like the complete kits we carry), measure from the tip down, and cut them to the maximum length with little waste.   We now offer a flat shipping rate (see above in yellow!)

Ebonwoulfe Armory Spears now cost only

$40.00 + FLAT RATE shipping
Spears plus Shipping

New spear images:
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  Spear Tip Kits:
to complete your spear construction why not order this complete kit, made by Icefalcon Armory, is a single piece design that you simply tape on and take the field.

This picture is missing the included spear hook and reinforcing strap to snatch those shields out of the way (also included). 

One piece complete spear tip, end cap, spear hook, and reinforcing strap.  Just tape it on and you're good to go!! 
Spear Tip Kit $20.00      

To place an order for spear tip kits send an email, with your shipping address,  to to receive a shipping quote and payment instructions.


Short video clip of spear sample:  
There is a scuff at one end from me hacking at it with my pocketknife to test the clear coat.   I compared them next to the spears we used to carry and there really is no doubt that what we came up with is far superior.  For the video click here