Not convinced based on some webpage?  Here are some testimonials from actual customers of some of our products:


Stainless Hilts:


Will be honest, I haven't fought with a heavy basket hilt in years, been fighting with the Baldar plastic hilts or aluminum hilts from Windrose.  So when I bought the stainless one, I figured I would try it out, but most likely would end up using the aluminum one.

Well after the first fighter practice with it, I contacted His Grace, and just told him cancel the aluminum hilt order and send me an extra stainless.  The freaking thing is awesome. Smile

I always hand the sword to someone tip first so they feel the weight of the sword, which is heavy, and then watch their face, when they put their hand in the hilt.  It fits like a glove and moves perfectly.  To be honest, it feels worlds apart from the swords I still have my plastic and aluminum hilts on, and feel awkward when I tied to use them the other day due to the balance.

5 Stars all around.

Finn O'Shannon  KSCA



I saw them in person last night and these cup hilts look great, the quality and workmanship on them are way beyond any thing I've seen.  They are built like a tank and are great looking.

Sir Afshin Darius


    I bought one made of stainless at Defending the Gate this past Saturday. It has a really solid feel, heavy enough to balance the blade, yet not hilt heavy.  I love the protection for the sides of my hand, which are really exposed during wrap shots with other hilts. Construction is rock solid, and the price is great.  I will be recommending these to the fighters in the barony.

Lucas Von Aych
Baronial Warlord, Ponte Alto


    I've fought with it several times, nothing but good things to say about the performance.  It seems heavier in the hand, but it moves very well.  No wrist interference, and it's a good size so that my hand can't slide around inside too much.

I did manage to get two tiny dents in it already though, it makes it look like I basket punched someone in the head and hit a rivet. Twice.  No biggie though.

I let a couple of the locals try it out, I expect they'll be ordering some in the near future.

Happy Customer
East Kingdom


    I got my Ebonwoulfe cup hilt just a few days ago. I've experimented with weightless baldar cups to extra-heavy wire baskets, and I have to say, these ones are just heavy enough to counterbalance the sword properly but not so heavy that they make it unwieldy.

I had borrowed Logan's sword once while doing pickups with Duke Valharic, and if I recall, I was doing really really the time, I just thought I was having an 'on-day', but now that I made a sword from this cup hilt, I realize what a difference it makes to the weapon's handling properties.

Overall an outstanding product that I recommend without reservation!

Lord Dietrich von Stroheim

    Got a pair, they arrived within three days of ordering (WOW) and these things are great, I have never fought with a better hilt.

Cedric the Tall
Middle Kingdom